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Mobile Medical Screenings

For attentive health care services, come to us at SmartScan Preventative Health Screening in Glendale, Arizona. We conduct medical screening procedures in our facilities conveniently located in Glendale and Prescott. You can also ask us to do the tests in locations that you prefer. Our mobile health screening staff will be there for you.

Health Care

Accurate Screening Results

SmartScan Preventative Health Screening is dedicated to providing customers with accurate results and findings about your cardiovascular and/or your abdominal health. This allows you to easily identify potential health issues. Now you and your doctor can intelligently decide about treatments that are most appropriate to have.

We Give You the Lowdown

The screening results we present to you come with a full report with images. We let you know what they all mean, and give you a clear explanation of what the results say about the state of your health. We conduct the following examinations:

Cardiovascular Screening Package:
Heart/Echo • Carotid Arteries Thyroid Health Abdominal Aorta Atrial Fibrillation

Abdominal Screening Package:
Liver • Kidneys • Pancreas • Spleen • Gallbladder  

Convenient, Affordable, and Painless

Painless and non-invasive, screening procedures take approximately 30 minutes. When undergoing tests, patients are required to provide our technicians with clear access to the upper body for examination. Individual packages costs $150, and includes blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen saturation. The two packages are combineable for a cost of $200. We accept cash, check, and credit card payments.